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Reflexology-Foot Poster
Reflexology-Foot Poster
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Wizard Cove, is the home and refuge of the Wizard of the Coast. Actually, He lives in Wizard Cave, which is secreted away in Wizard Cove.

A Wizard is one who practices magic. Sometimes called a sorcerer or magician. He is most often, a skilled or clever person, or he does not last long.

The Wizard of the Coast is most interested in harnessing the Natural World. Mystic Balls are part of the tools the Wizard uses, and you can find Spheres and Balls of different kinds and sizes at his retail outlet: PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop.

He follows the Divine Zodiac, and is a skilled Rockstrologist.

Lately, the scents from Coastal Candles, made with natural pressed wild flowers and fragrance extracts, has caught his fancy.  They help dispell (no pun intended) the mustiness of his Wizard Cave (most likely caused by the close proximity to the Wizard Cove, and fine salt spray).

Pictures will be coming soon.